The Sas Company has been manufacturing heating boilers from the beginning in 1980. Using its long-term experience and benefitting from the newest technical achievements, the Sas constantly raises the quality of offered products and attempts to satisfy customers` requirements, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Today the company has customers throughout the Polish and outside the country, working with partners including Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Italy, Denmark.

Through continuous investment has been replaced by simple hardware latest numerically controlled machines, such as punching and laser welding robots. All this in order to competee globally and win new markets.

SAS type boilers are made in the form of welded-steel construction and designed for the central heating water installations of open system with gravitational or forced water circulation. They are secured in accordance with the PN-91/B-02413 and EN 303-5standards. Due to wide power range (9÷275 kW) and the variety of construction of manufactured boilers, they are not only used for heating flats in single-family houses but also larger buildings such as rows of shops, public buildings etc. where computational feed water temperature and working pressure do not exceed 85 °C and pressure 1,5mbar respectively. These boilers can also work with a usable hot water installation through a heat exchanger.

Zakład Metalowo-Kotlarski SAS

The choice of boiler for heating a building should be made on the basis of heat balance drawn up in accordance with the applicable current standards.

For operational convenience , all mass-produced SAS type boilers are equipped with movable cast-iron grates enabling quick and effective ash removal from the combustion chamber. Washout holes, facilitating the access to periodic cleaning of the furnace and combustion chambers, were made with the intention of their functionality and the simplicity of operational use.

The attractive commercial offer of our company includes both traditional boilers adapted for coal and firewood combustion and also modern, twenty-four seven, automatic boilers which are perfectly simple in operation.

The wide range of commercial business includes both traditional boilers, designed to burn coal and firewood, as well as modern, twenty-four seven, automatic boilers, in which the service is reduced to a minimum.

Owing to a simple and long-term proven construction, SAS type boilers are user-friendly and dependable in operation.